I am able to offer a wide range of training and CPD ranging from short workshops to programs that are delivered over a period of months or years. I also offer keynote speaking as well as mentoring to support project leaders and those leading on action research initiatives.

I offer training and CPD for artists, musicians, and arts/music organisations, created to suit specific need. Training courses are available to support practitioners to develop their music practice and provision in early childhood settings, themes are listed below.

  • Musical Development Matters (MDM)
  • Early childhood musical development
  • Tuning into children
  • Active listening
  • Early childhood music, pedagogical approaches
  • Using instruments effectively; planning and creating enabling musical environments
  • Observing, listening to and interacting with children’s musical play
  • Creating a music policy
  • Observation, evaluation and reflecting on practice
  • Songs and musical activities to share and enjoy with babies and children
  • The role of music within communication and language
  • The role of music in personal, social and emotional development
  • Auditory environments; the effective use of recorded music
  • Planning; planning music sessions and planning for music within continuous provision
  • Documenting children’s creative music making
  • Using resources to enhance songs and music making
  • The characteristics of effective learning – in music
  • Music and movement
  • Composition & creative music making
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