Ready-Made Courses are available and are offered as 1, 2 or 3 day courses.

1 Day Course Content:

  • Exploration of songs and musical activities to share and enjoy with babies and children
  • Musicality-exploring the natural musicality of children; ideas as to how to nurture this
  • Tuning into children; communicative musicality
  • Effective planning for musical activities and opportunities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage- Supporting all areas of learning through music
  • The importance of using music to support child development
  • Effective use of instruments and resources and where to purchase instruments and resources from
  • Listening to and observing children’s musical play
  • Creative music making
  • Effective use of recorded music

2 Day Course Content:

Includes Day 1 Course plus the following:

  • Listening to and observing children’s spontaneous singing
  • The use of music to support communication and language development
  • Children’s musical development
  • Understanding the elements of music – Pitch, Dynamics, Tempo, Texture, Timbre, Duration & Structure
  • Using resources to enhance songs and music making
  • Working with children with additional needs
  • Children’s notation of music & mark making

3 Day Course Content:

Includes Day 1 & 2 Courses plus the following:

  • Delivering a music session and being a positive role model
  • Using free downloadable software to record and create children’s compositions
  • Using music with stories
  • Working musically with families and children; planning for music sessions
  • Observation, evaluation and reflecting on practice
  • Documenting children’s creative music making
  • Planning and creating a musical environment

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Bespoke Courses